Multi-Nodes Cluster on Grid‘5000

Installation and Usage

  • Make a reservation
(frontend)$ oargridsub -t deploy -w 1:00:00 rennes:rdef="{\\\\\\\"type='kavlan-global'\\\\\\\"}/vlan=1+/nodes=3",lyon:rdef=/nodes=3,sophia:rdef=/nodes=3 > ~/oargrid.out

NB1 : On a single site you don’t need to reserve a vlan. The reservation could be :

(frontend)$ oarsub -I -t deploy -l slash_22=1,nodes=10,walltime=8

NB2 : With a multisite reservation, the file oargrid.out is used by the script so it must be placed in your home directory.

If everything is fine this file looks like :

[OAR_GRIDSUB] [rennes] Date/TZ adjustment: 0 seconds
[OAR_GRIDSUB] [rennes] Reservation success on rennes : batchId = 471354
[OAR_GRIDSUB] [lyon] Date/TZ adjustment: 0 seconds
[OAR_GRIDSUB] [lyon] Reservation success on lyon : batchId = 599979
[OAR_GRIDSUB] [sophia] Date/TZ adjustment: 0 seconds
[OAR_GRIDSUB] [sophia] Reservation success on sophia : batchId = 530702
[OAR_GRIDSUB] Grid reservation id = 42581
[OAR_GRIDSUB] SSH KEY : /tmp/oargrid//oargrid_ssh_key_msimonin_42581
You can use this key to connect directly to your OAR nodes with the oar user.
  • Connect to your job (with the kavlan reservation):
(frontend)$ oarsub -C 471354
  • Configure the proxy :
(frontend)$ export https_proxy="http://proxy:3128"
  • Clone the git repository :
(frontend)$ git clone
(frontend)$ git checkout 1.1.0
  • Download latest version of debian package (snoozenode is require, snoozeclient is optional) :
(frontend)$ cd ~/snooze-deploy-grid5000/deb_packages/
(frontend)$ wget
(frontend)$ wget

Other packages could be found in

Configure and launch the deployment

  • Configure the number of nodes in the and the deployment type :
(frontend)$ cd ~/snooze-grid5000-multisite/deployscript/
(frontend)$ vi scripts/

NB : Since we use a “service node” for the deployment you will get a Snooze cluster running with n-1 nodes. NB2 : If you set storage type to “local”, the VMs base images will be propagated by scp-tsunami, you have to install it in /opt of the first bootstrap (see of experiments scripts).

  • Retrieve VMs base images in ~/vmimages/

You can get my debian base image in /home/msimonin/vmimages in Rennes (see Snooze documentation to know how to generate a new image)

(frontend)$ scp -r <yourlogin>@rennes:/home/msimonin/vmimages ~/.
  • Launch the automatic script :
(frontend)$ ./ -a

Use the system

  • Connection to the first bootstrap :
(frontend)$ cat tmp/bootstrap_nodes.txt
(frontend)$ ssh -l root <first bootstrap>
  • Launching VMs :

The first bootstrap node hosts some helper to launch VMs.

(bootstrap)$ cd /tmp/snooze/experiments
(bootstrap)$ ./experiments -c test 5
(bootstrap)$ snoozeclient start -vcn test

These commands will create and start 5 VMs.

  • Visualizing the system :

Make a tunnel (or export your display) from your laptop to the bootstrap through the grid‘5000 frontend on port 5000. If snoozeclient is installed on your PC, you can launch :

(PC) snoozeclient visualize.

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