Since version 2.0 event messages can be sent on an RabbitMQ queue.

1. Installation

Install rabbitmq server from the package manager of your distribution.

on debian, install rabbitmq-server

2. Setup

The snooze node config file (snooze_node.cfg) contains a section dealing with the configuration of the rabbitmq

external.notifier.transport = RABBITMQ
external.notifier.address = localhost
external.notifier.port = 5672
external.notifier.username = snooze
external.notifier.password = snooze
external.notifier.vhost = snooze-vhost
external.notifier.faultTolerance.numberOfRetries = 10
external.notifier.faultTolerance.retryInterval = 10

Setup user and vhost accordingly to the snooze_node.cfg parameters :

rabbitmqctl add_user snooze snooze
rabbitmqctl add_vhost snooze-vhost
rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p snooze-vhost snooze ".*" ".*" ".*"

see RabbitMQ message format

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