SnoozeEC2 Debian package


Get the debian package from the website and install it with dpkg:

dpkg -i snoozeimage_X.X.X.deb


The snoozeec2 files reside in /usr/share/snoozeec2 and the init script in /etc/init.d/snoozeec2.

Run the service

  • You can launch the snoozeec2 daemon with :
service snoozeec2 start

It will takes default the logger configuration file in /usr/share/snoozeec2/configs/log4j.xml and logs will be printed in /tmp/snooze_ec2.log.

  • If you prefer running the service manually, you can invoke :
java -jar path_to_snoozeec2_jar cfgFile logFile

The snoozeec2 jar can be found in /usr/share/snoozeec2/

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