Snoozeimages Config File

Snoozeimages system service configuration is done using its main configuration file /usr/share/snoozeimages/configs/snooze_image.cfg.


  • network.listen.address

Binds the Snoozeimages service to the specified address. By default it listen on all interfaces.

  • network.listen.controlDataPort

Control data port is required for the REST communication on each node.

Repository Backend

  • repository.type

    This option corresponds to the backend type used to serve images. Only libvirt is supported for the moment. Images will be served through the libvirt pool implementation. Note that the pool referenced by the repository.libvirt.pool option must be created and accessible before starting the snoozeimages system service.

  • repository.libvirt.address

    Address of the libvirt backend to use.

  • repository.libvirt.port

    Port of the libvirt backend to use.

  • repository.libvirt.hypervisor

    Hypervisor to use.

  • repository.libvirt.transport

    transport protocol to use.

  • repository.libvirt.pool

    Libvirt pool to use as images repository backend.

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