SnoozeImages Debian package


Get the debian package from the website and install it with dpkg:

dpkg -i snoozeimage_X.X.X.deb

Install also libvirt.

apt-get install libvirt

Libvirt pool Backend

Snoozeimages can be configured to use libvirt pool as a storage backend. Thus you need to configure a libvirt instance in order for the snoozeimages service to connnect to.

Configure a pool to serve virtual machine images

Usually, a default pool exists once libvirt is install. You can check by typing :

virsh pool-list --all

Make sure it is activated.

virsh pool-start [pool-name]

If no pool exists, create one.

virsh pool-define-as --name [pool-name] --target /var/lib/libvirt/images --type dir
virsh pool-build [pool-name]
virsh pool-start [pool-name]

Configure snoozeimages to connect to libvirt

Configuration file can be found in /usr/share/snoozeimages/configs.

Once the pool is started, fill the config /usr/share/snoozeimages/configs/snooze_images.cfg with the appropriate pool name.

Run the service

  • Run the libvirt instance.
  • Launch the snoozeimages daemon with :
service snoozeimages start

It will takes default the logger configuration file in /usr/share/snoozeimages/configs/log4j.xml and logs will be printed in /tmp/snooze_images.log.

  • If you prefer running the service manually, you can invoke :
java -jar path_to_snoozeimages_jar cfgFile logFile

The snoozeimages jar can be found in /usr/share/snoozeimages/

Check your deployment

In order to make sure that the snoozeimages is running properly you can check the following :

  • log file, by default located in /tmp/snoozeimages.log
  • submit a curl command to the service :
curl localhost:4000/images