Since version 2.0 you can use the Cassandra distributed database as an alternative to the in memory database.

1. Installation

Install cassandra from the package manager of your distribution.

on debian, install cassandra

Alternatively you can use a proper puppet module.

2. Upload the schema

You will find the schema of the database in the Downloads_ page. Load it into cassandra :

cassandra-cli -f schemaup.cas

This will create all the column families needed by Snooze.

2. Setup

The snooze node config file (snooze_node.cfg) contains a section dealing with the configuration of the cassandra

#coma separated list of cassandra hosts
database.cassandra.hosts = <address:port>

# Maximum number of monitoring entries to keep per group manager
database.numberOfEntriesPerGroupManager = 20

# Maximum number of monitoring entries to keep per virtual machine
database.numberOfEntriesPerVirtualMachine = 30

Note that when using Cassandra database.numberOfEntriesPerGroupManager and database.numberOfEntriesPerVirtualMachine correspond to the number of seconds the monitoring values will be stored. It uses the TTL feature of the cassandra columns.

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