Since version 2.0 event messages can be sent on an RabbitMQ queue.

1. Installation

Install rabbitmq server from the package manager of your distribution.

on debian, install rabbitmq-server

Alternatively, you can use a the puppetlabs/rabbitmq puppet module to install rabbitmq.

2. Setup

The snooze node config file (snooze_node.cfg) contains a section dealing with the configuration of the rabbitmq

external.notifier.transport = RABBITMQ
external.notifier.address = localhost
external.notifier.port = 5672
external.notifier.username = snooze
external.notifier.password = snooze
external.notifier.vhost = snooze-vhost
external.notifier.faultTolerance.numberOfRetries = 10
external.notifier.faultTolerance.retryInterval = 10

Setup user and vhost accordingly to the snooze_node.cfg parameters :

rabbitmqctl add_user snooze snooze
rabbitmqctl add_vhost snooze-vhost
rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p snooze-vhost snooze ".*" ".*" ".*"

For further documentation about the message format used : see RabbitMQ message format

3. Enable extra plugins

Snooze web makes use of the stomp protocol to plot the hierarchy real time. You will need to install the web stomp plugin in order to activate this feature See the plugins page for instructions.

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